There needs to be consistency by the government in the numbers that can attend funerals, Masses and weddings. That’s the clear view of the Administrator of Westport, Fr Charlie McDonnell.

Fr Charlie says the inconsistency in numbers to date, is making things more confusing.

As of today, 25 people can attend a funeral Mass, however, only 6 people can attend a wedding and it’s being hinted that by next month 50 people can attend Sunday Mass.

Before the present lockdown, Fr Charlie says that up to Christmas, there was the crazy situation where up to 100 people could attend Sunday Mass- in pods of 50, yet in the same churches just 25 people were allowed to attend a funeral.

He says the inconsistency around numbers allowed to attend religious services need to be addressed later this week by the government, as it intends to announce the roadmap for the further re-opening of society from the present lockdown.

Fr Charlie has been speaking to Midwest News Editor Teresa O'Malley...