Galway councillor Mary Hoade has been appointed to a new government advisory looking at regenerating town centres in rural Ireland.

The President of the Association of Irish Local Government,  Headford based cllr  Mary Hoade has been appointed to the new advisory group that will work on delivering the programme for Government commitments on introducing a Town Centres First policy and rolling out the collaborative Town Centre Health Check Programme nationally.

Cllr. Hoade says she is delighted to be appointed to this role and looks forward to contributing to its vital work to ensure Town Centre Revitalisation is delivered throughout the country.

Property tax could be cut in parts of rural Ireland to encourage people to live in smaller towns and villages.

A range of reliefs are said to be under consideration by government - including cuts to property tax and commercial rates, as well as new grants - all under the Town Centre Health Check Programme.

There are plans to make greater use of derelict lands and building in towns and villages across the country.

Minister of State for Rural Planning and local Government Peter Burke, who is developing the policy, says he is looking at a range of tax incentives to encourage  the regeneration of rural Ireland

Fianna Fail councillor Mary Hoade says she is deeply honoured to sit on this new advisory group and says she will do her level best to make rural towns vibrant once again.

The Headford based Councillor has been speaking with Midwest News.


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