People in Belmullet are afraid, there are many people in the area sick at present and the community is grieving the loss of life related to Covid 19, particularly over the past two weeks. That’s according to local deputy Rose Conway Walsh.

The fact is that one in every 17 people in Belmullet local electoral area tested positive for Covid-19 in the space of two weeks.

The region has by far the highest incidence rate in the country.

This data reflects on the 14-day incidence rates of confirmed cases of Covid-19 between December 29th and  Monday of this week ( Jan 11th) .

During that period, the country's rate was 1,410 per 100,000 people - meaning one in every 71 people had the virus.

Twenty areas of the country had rates of over 2,000 per 100,000 people.

Belmullet LEA had a rate of 6,032 - over four times the national average.

There were 760 cases in this region in the two weeks - and with a population of 12,600, it means every 17 people had the virus.

Deputy Conway Walsh told Midwest News today that now is not the time to focus on what caused the extensive spread of the virus in Erris. The Sinn Fein deputy says while it will be necessary to look at this more forensically in the future, now is the time to grieve and be kind to all families and friends impacted by Covid 19 in the area.

She believes the cause of the extensive spread of the virus spread in Erris is manifold