As EU - UK negotiations resume today, control and quotas for fishing in UK waters post-Brexit remains the stand-out issue in what could be the final week of negotiations.

Midlands Northwest MEP Maria Walsh has accused the UK of ‘political semantics’ with the issue of fisheries.

The Fine Gael MEP says the UK exports close to 70% of their fish stock into the EU market and has questioned where that stock will go if Britain crashes out without a deal.

The Mayo native claims the UK line of fisheries being the sole bone of contention in talks is simply untrue.

This comes as Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has said it’s possible the UK will use fisheries as an excuse not to do a deal.

Maria Walsh, who sits on the EU’s Fisheries Committee, told Midwest News that some 14,000 people who rely on the fishing sector here must be protected.


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