The medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific has confirmed that a number of employees at its Galway facility are being laid off.

The exact number of job losses has not been confirmed but the company says it hopes the move will have a "minimal impact" on staff numbers in the city.

It is understood that in the region of 30 employees will be made redundant at the conclusion of a consultation process.

The remainder of those impacted by the move will be redeployed to other roles in Galway.

The decision comes after the firm announced a voluntary recall of a replacement cardiac valve system earlier this week.

All production, research and development related to the LOTUS Edge Aortic Valve System has ceased with immediate effect.

The move came after a problem was detected with the device, although the firm says there are no safety concerns for patients who have been fitted with replacement valves.

Instead, it says the decision was made in light of the investment that would have been required to remedy the issues identified.

The company says a consultation process with the workers in question will continue in the coming days.

They employ between 4,500 and 5,000 people in Ireland, with just under 4,000 of those working in Galway.


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