The Chief Medical Officer says he's "increasingly concerned" at the trends surrounding Covid-19.

Dr Tony Holohan has said the five-day average of daily cases has increased from 350 last week - to 424 yesterday, and has urged people to follow the health advice.

366 new cases of the virus were reported last night - as well as 11 deaths, all of which happened in November.

The new cases include 24 in Roscommon, 15 in Galway, 8 in Mayo and less than 5 in Sligo.

Roscommon now has the third highest 14-day incidence rate in the country, after Donegal and Limerick.

The national average 14-day rate is now at 121 per 100,000 people - Co Roscommon is at 167.

The county has seen 108 new cases confirmed during the past fortnight.

148 new cases have been confirmed in Mayo over the past 2 weeks, with 218 in Galway.

Dr Holohan says he's increasingly concerned about the situation,  and is urging people to continue their efforts to drive down the disease over the next two weeks.

The Government is likely to make a decision on how to exit level 5 restrictions towards the end of next week.


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