Mr Justice Seamus Woulfe has agreed to a three-month suspension without pay from the Supreme Court.

The suggested reprimand was accepted by Mr Justice Wolfe as a result of his attendance at the controversial golf society dinner in Clifden in August.

The event took place contrary to public advice in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulted in a number of high-profile resignations.

It emerged from correspondence released last night that Chief Justice Frank Clarke told Mr Woulfe he thought he should resign over the matter, but in an email response, Mr Justice Woulfe said he had no intention of stepping down.

He accepted his attendance was "inappropriate" but outlined in great detail why he didn't feel he had done anything wrong.

He agreed to the Chief Justice's suggested reprimand: no work until February and a waiver of his salary for that three-month period.

He also said he hoped they could move on from this and work in a "collegiate and friendly fashion" going forward.




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