Mayo's Road Safety Officer narrowly escaped a head-on collision earlier this week, and is warning of the dangers of driver distraction.

Noel Gibbons was driving at the Curraghline in Galway when he saw a car crossing over the white line on the road and heading towards him.

To avoid a head-on crash, Mr Gibbons took immediate action, resulting in a front-side impact and his car ended up in a ditch.

While he did not sustain serious injured, he admitted he was shaken by the incident.

The Road Safety Officer believes the other driver may have been distracted while using a mobile phone or some other device, and says the outcome would have been a lot more serious if a cyclist or pedestrian was involved.

This is Road Safety Week, and Noel Gibbons told Midwest News that he's releasing dash-cam footage of the incident to highlight the dangers of drivers being distracted


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