The Covid-19 pandemic and current travel restrictions are continuing to have a devastating impact on Ireland West Airport Knock.

Just 5, 752 passengers travelled through the Mayo airport last month - down 92% on September last year when over 76,000 passengers used the airport.

During last month, passenger numbers to and from the UK fell by 90%, while European passenger traffic fell by 98%.

Only 275 passengers travelled to and from the airport's only European destination operating currently - that's Faro in Portugal.

Ryanair has reduced their schedule of flights to and from the airport by over 50% for September and October, in response to Covid-19 and the current travel restrictions in place.

Private aviation traffic fell by 68% in September, compared to the previous year.

In the first 9 months of this year, just over 136,000 passengers have travelled through Knock Airport - compared to almost 626,000 between January and Sept last year - that's a 78% decline.





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