The father and son who rescued two paddleboarders last month have saved another life after plucking a man from the water in Galway yesterday morning.


Patrick Oliver and his 18-year old son Morgan were hailed for their role in saving two cousins in Galway Bay last month.


Sara Feeney and Ellen Glynn drifted for 15 hours overnight after being swept out to sea in a storm but were rescued after the fisherman and his teenage son correctly worked out where they might be near the Aran Islands.


Now the father and son have been hailed heroes again after rescuing a Fishermen who found paddleboarders involved in another rescue in Galwayman who was spotted in the water in the River Corrib around 9am yesterday morning.


The alarm was raised by a pedestrian who saw the man in the water where the river meets the sea near the Claddagh.


Galway RNLI and members of Galway Fire Brigade rushed to the scene, while fishing and leisure vessels in the area also responded.


The Olivers, who were on their way out to sea in their fishing boat, turned back.

They managed to reach the man and take him from the water close to Nimmo’s Pier before he was swept out to sea.


The man was taken to University College Hospital. His condition has not been established.


Last month the Olivers shot to fame when they correctly worked out using tidal and weather information where the paddleboard cousins might have drifted.

They located them clinging to a lobster pot buoy south of the Aran Islands, almost 20 miles from where they had entered the sea in Furbo.


The cousins went missing when they went paddleboarding at Furbo on the evening of August 12 and were rescued after a large scale search of the bay by the Olivers.


Patrick’s brother David was also involved in a rescue in Galway on August 22 when he was part of a crew which helped save a kite surfer from England who got into difficulty in the bay.



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