Members of the same political parties in Mayo voted against each other in a vote taken yesterday by councillors to increase the Local Property Tax in the county by 10 percent this year.

20 of the 30 councillors in the chamber yesterday, voted in favour of the hike, while ten councillors voted against.

Fianna Fail councillors were split in their support, as were Fine Gael cllrs and among the Independents there were councillors on both sides of the debate.

The 10 percent increase will mean an annual hike to householders of between 9 euro and 22.50 depending on the valuation on your house.

The additional tax is estimated to take in 1.04 million euro to the council coffers, and is to be ring-fenced to pay for essential services that are in jeopardy due to the impact of the pandemic.

FF Cllr Ryan proposed the increase yesterday and his political colleague Brendan Mulroy was one of a number of Fianna Fail councillors who did not support him, and rather voted against the increase. There was no whip imposed on the vote.

Both councillors explained their stance to Midwest News today.


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