The Government has unveiled it's medium-term 'Living with COVID' plan - detailing how the country will respond to the coronavirus pandemic over the next six months.

A new system - which comes into place from midnight - involves a five-level approach which will allow for different types of response in individual counties depending on the prevalence of the virus.

The priority from the Government will be to keep schools open in as many circumstances as possible.

While the approach is currently national, and the entire country is on Level 2, that could change depending on prevalence of the virus in local areas.


Level two - where every county in the country is at currently. Restrictions are similar to ones that have been in place recently, but larger venues will be able to have crowds of up to 100 patrons when social distancing measures are in place. Spectator sports will resume, while up to 50 people can attend funerals or weddings.


Full details are available on the Government's website.

Current restrictions

While the country is currently on level two, there will be additional restrictions for Dublin for now due to a surge in COVID-19 cases - including greater limits on home visits and the continued closure of 'wet pubs'.

People in the capital are being asked to limit household visits to people from one other household.

Up to 200 spectators will be able to attend sporting events again across the country, while people will continue to be able to attend theatres, museums and cinemas in controlled numbers.

Pubs will be allowed reopen from Monday in every county other than Dublin.

NPHET will remain the key health body, but a new group - chaired by the Secretary General of the Department of Taoiseach - will coordinate the Government's response to the public health recommendations.

Ireland will also adopt the traffic light system for international travel being drafted by the European Commission


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