Nightclubs and late bars are likely to stay closed under new draft guidelines for pubs that don't serve food.

Stakeholders in the pub trade have spent the weekend considering new draft guidelines for the sector.

The draft handbook has line-by-line instructions, right down to making sure not to touch the lip of a bottle off the rim of a glass when pouring.

There's a limit of six to a table from no more than three households.

It's table service only, but people will be allowed stay longer than 105 minutes if two metres of social distancing is "strictly" kept.

The whole bar must be disinfected twice a day at least including tables, seats and trays after every use.

And all customers have to be out the door by half past eleven.

Licensed Vintners' Association chief executive Donal O'Keeffe says the rules are a big ask, but they'll put up with them for a chance to get back to business.

The government's "Living with Covid" plan is due to start a week from today -- but it's still not certain pubs will be part of it.


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