Draft guidelines for the reopening of pubs have been drawn up, but there's no clear date for when they'll get the go-ahead.

If publicans can make room for enough social distancing, groups of up to six will be allowed stay longer than 105 minutes.

The 25-page document has been sent out to stakeholders in the pub trade this weekend.

Up to six people from three households will be allowed to come together for drinks under the draft guidelines.

And if the full two metres of social distancing is "strictly" enforced, they'll be allowed to stay longer than 105 minutes too.

But as with restaurants up to now, queuing at the bar will be banned, and it'll be table service only.

Last orders will be called early, with all customers off the premises by half past eleven.

As yet, it's still not clear whether these guidelines will be part of the new roadmap for reopening  to be brought in on starting this day next week.


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