The government's new rule for bars and restaurants that serve food and alcohol is “ridiculous”, according to one of Ballina’s largest and busiest bar/restaurant establishments.

Patrick Hallahan of the Loft Bar on Pearse street in the town has today questioned what planet the Minister for Health is on, as businesses must now keep a record of what meals a customer ordered for 28 days.

The regulation has  been introduced so that Gardai can make sure that a pub or restaurant is serving food and complying with Covid regulations.

While Mr Hallahan totally agrees that rogue publicans flouting the law should be penalised, he says it makes no sense in practical terms for businesses to keep on record for a month, what each individual customer consumes on the premises.

He is in favour of the government allowing so called "wet pubs" to reopen, as he says they should be given regulations and then a chance to successfully implement them

Patrick has been giving Midwest News his reaction to the new regulation announced last night by government.


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