There is a fresh hope for publicans whose businesses have been closed since Mid march, that the government may be considering allowing what’s termed “wet pubs”, pubs that don’t serve food, re-open shortly.

The Public Health officials are meeting again today and the plight of publicans is among the items likely to be on the agenda.

It's after Ministers yesterday suggested that the new garda powers to enforce public health laws in pubs, should pave the way for all pubs to re-open.

Maree Mellet of Mellets Emporium in Swinford is one of the many publicans across the region that is trying to cope with a government enforced closure order for 6 month now, since the outbreak of the pandemic.

She told Midwest News today that her mental health and the mental health of her staff and patrons are all impacted by the ongoing uncertainty around the situation and she needs a decision from government now.


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