New figures show footfall in the country's four main cities fell by up to 90% at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Specialised counters used a key locations reported pedestrian numbers collapsing by 88% in Galway, 90% in Limerick, 83% in Dublin and 76% in Cork during the first weeks of the restrictions in March & April.


According to figures provided by Galway City Council to the Irish Times, Galway city saw its pedestrian numbers fall from over 394,000 in the first week of March to less than 49,999 in the first week of April.

While numbers have improved since, footfall is still almost 40% below pre-Covid levels, and 60% below the same period last year.

Galway's worst week was the last week of July - traditionally the start of the Arts Festival and Galway Races - when 80% fewer pedestrians were in the city.





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