The Marine Casualty Board has published the findings of an investigation into a drowning tragedy on Lough Mask last year.

The body of 78-year old Sean Maloney of Church View, Ballinrobe was found by Grainne Uaile sub-aqua divers, following a three-week search in March 2019.

On the 8th March, Mr Maloney, an experienced  angler, left from Cushlough near Ballinrobe for an afternoon of angling on Lough Mask.

A rescue operation was launched when he failed to return that evening, but the search was hampered due to bad weather.

His boat was found on the eastern shore of Lough Mask the following day, and Mr Maloney's body was located on 30th March.

 Marine investigators have published their final report into the tragedy.

They noted that Mr Maloney was not wearing a personal flotation device on the day - although there was one on board his boat.

Weather conditions deteriorated after he took to the lake that day.

The report indicates that when Mr Maloney fell overboard, the absence of a boarding ladder or any assistance would have made it impossible to get back on the boat.

 The report recommends that the Minister for Transport issue a Marine notice reminding mariners of their obligations to comply with the ‘Code of Practice for the Safe Operation of Recreational Craft - with a special emphasis on the need to be aware of the current forecast for the area. - The requirement to wear a PFD. - and The need for a boarding ladder or other effective means of quickly re-boarding a vessel.





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