Over 100 mobile phones have been stolen in Co Mayo over the last 20 months.

The figures were released this morning by Gardai, who say around 5 million euro worth of mobile phones have been stolen across Ireland since the start of 2019.

Of the eleven and a half thousand phones taken since January last year, only 10% were recovered.

The most common place for phones to be stolen is out in public, or in a licensed premises.

The stolen phones include 324 in Galway, 107 in the Mayo Garda division, 98 in Sligo / Leitrim, and 78 in the Roscommon / Longford Garda Division.

Gardai are appealing to Smartphone owners to  "Streetwise" and to download a trusted "find my phone" app, so if it's lost or stolen, they have a better chance of getting it back.





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