Parents should be able to take paid leave if their child's school or class is closed due to an outbreak of covid-19.

The Labour Party has launched a new bill today proposing the right for parents to take paid "force majeure" leave in such a scenario.

Party leader Alan Kelly says they shouldn't be left out of pocket while schools or classes are shut down.

A Dublin primary school has sent home a class of students after one child tested positive for Covid 19.

The South Dublin school confirmed 30 students have been sent home as a precaution.

The school confirmed the news this morning, four days back in the classroom.

The decision to close was taken based on public health advice after one child tested positive for Covid 19.

The school says the pupil did not contract the virus through transmission on the premises.

Almost 500 students attend the school in 18 classes - however only the affected class has been sent home.




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