Statement re NDLS appointments 31 August 2020

The Tommy Marren Show has received many calls and texts in recents days regarding the renewal of driving licences. We did try to get someone to speak to us on air to clarify the further extensions but we were unable to get anyone. We did however get this statement from the RSA. 

"Customers can apply to renew their driving licence up to three months before expiry date. However, on 10th August 2020, Minister Ryan and Minister Naughton announced further extensions to validity of Driving Licences, in response to the ongoing impact of Covid19.  This announcement informed that anyone whose driving licence had expired between 1 March and 31 August 2020 will have its validity extended by seven months in total.

This change has been reflected on the electronic driver database. For some customers who had appointments booked in the NDLS and had their licence expiry date extended it can mean that they are no longer within three months of the expiry date. For that reason, the NDLS cancelled the appointments of customers who were no longer eligible to renew. Following this development, we began to contact those who had booked an appointment to renew their licence to notify them that there was no need to attend as their licence had been extended.

However, due to the large number of people to be contacted and the tight timelines, we regret that initially some drivers attended for appointments not realising that their licence was no longer due for renewal before we could contact them.  We apologise for this an any inconvenience it may have caused.

We are confident that we have now contacted anyone who has booked an appointment which they no longer need to attend due to the extension of driving licences.

Drivers can now log onto the NDLS website and use our new “Expiry Date Calculator” to find out exactly when their licence expires and the earliest renewal date."


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