Almost two-thirds of parents in Connaught / Ulster find covering the cost of back to school a financial burden, while 30% are likely to get into debt in order to cover the costs of returning to school for their children.

That's according to the school-costs survey from the Irish League of Credit Unions which was carried out in June, surveying almost 1,000 parents nationwide.

Parents in Connaught/ Ulster are the biggest spenders in the country when it comes to school trips and extra-curricular activities for both primary and secondary school children, with almost half of primary school parents spending between €50 and €100 on school trips,  while one-third of secondary school parents spend an average of €100-€150 on school trips.

Three-quarters of parents in this region use their general monthly income to pay for back to school supplies, with 25% drawing on savings.

21% of parents in Connaught/ Ulster use the back-to-school allowance - compared with the national average of 14%, while no parents reported taking a bank loan, and 4% said they would turn to a moneylender.

The survey shows the overall spend involved in sending a child to primary school averages €1,123 - up €174 since last year - while the figure for secondary school averages €1,467 - an increase of €68 on 2019.


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