Sligo Gardaí have remanded a man in custody for using a foil lined bag to commit shop thefts in Sligo Town yesterday.

A known criminal gang member who travels throughout the country and commits thefts from shops had targeted Sligo in the past and was spotted by a surveillance Garda unit yesterday.

This male was identified by Theft from Shops Gardaí and he was found to be using a foil lined bag to bypass security doors on shops.

When apprehended he tried to fool the Garda by using false IDs.

When that didn't work he tried to run off, but the Garda on duty managed to catch up and complete the arrest.

The man was brought to Ballymote Garda Station and detained for questioning.

He was later charged and brought to court earlier on Monday and was subsequently remanded in custody.

Gardaí are confident this male was targeting businesses such as chemists, stealing mostly expensive perfumes, as well as jewellers throughout Sligo.


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