The Do Not Consume Notice on water supply for consumers and visitors on Achill island looks set to remain in place for some time, according to Irish Water.

Having consulted with the HSE and working with Mayo County Council, Irish Water  issued the notice late on Friday evening last for everyone on the island supplied by the Achill Public Water Supply Scheme and the following Group Water Schemes - Slievemore 1, Doogort 2, Dooinver, Dooega and Saile. 

Irish Water is stressing that this is not a boil water notice, but rather that water from the supply cannot be consumed at all.

However, the water is safe to use for handwashing and personal hygiene

Ger Greally of the Operational department of Irish Water told Midwest News this morning that a catastrophic failure of the supply occurred on Friday evening last.

He explained that all last week demand on the water supply in Achill was extremely high, and by Friday in warm, sunny weather the plant was unable to deal with the level of aluminum sulphide that is usually added to the public water supply.


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