There have been no further deaths from Covid-19 while four deaths have been de-notified, bringing the death toll here to 1,738.

There were 11 additional cases reported to the Department of Health while seven cases were de-notified. The total number of confirmed cases here is now 25,542.

Meanwhile, there are 12 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in hospitals, according to the latest figures from the Health Service Executive.

Most hospitals have no confirmed cases at this point.

There have been no new cases of Covid-19 in Mayo for an eight consecutive day with the confirmed number remaining at 572.

The number of confirmed cases in Galway is 487, 346 in Roscommon, 146 in Sligo and there are 82 in Leitrim.

Meanwhile, More than one million people have downloaded the Covid Tracker App in the space of 48 hours.

The HSE launched it on Monday evening, after it cost over 850,000 euro to develop.

It identifies users who've been within two metres of a confirmed case and notifies them through their smartphone.