A letter is to be forwarded to the Taoiseach Míchéal Martin from members of Mayo County Council insisting that the new Taoiseach ensures that Mayo and the west is adequately represented in his appointments of new Ministers of State tomorrow.

There were angry contributions by both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael councillors, and Independents at the start of yesterday’s AGM of Mayo County Council, outraged by the failure of the new Taoiseach Míchéal Martin to appoint Dara Calleary as a Senior Minister in his new cabinet, and the omission of Michael Ring from Tanaiste’s Leo Varadkar’s Senior Ministerial positions.

The Fianna Fail deputy leader, Mayo deputy Calleary has been appointed Chief Whip by Taoiseach Míchéal Martin on Saturday evening, and admitted his disappointment on Midwest Radio yesterday, but said there was no other job offered to him.

At yesterday's Council AGM, Councillors called for the imbalance in the new Cabinet to be redressed, by appointing both FG's Michael Ring and Fianna Fail Senator Lisa Chambers as Junior Ministers.

The list of Junior Ministers is expected to be announced tomorrow (Wednesday).

Ballinrobe based Councillor Damien Ryan, is the Fianna Fail whip on Mayo County Council  and he says there is a precedent for a Senator to be elected to a Junior Ministerial position, and he would like to see his party collegeue Lisa Chambers offered such a post.

He says the Taoiseach had limited Ministerial jobs to give out, but it was disappointing that the West of Ireland had lost out.

While Fianna Fail Councillor John Caulfield told Midwest News that he expected Dara Calleary to get a senior Ministerial brief, but while that's not the case, he expects Deputy Calleary to use the position of Chief Whip to do his best for Co Mayo...

At yesterday’s AGM Charlestown Sinn Fein councillor Gerry Murray questioned why everyone was so surprised by Saturday’s Senior Ministerial announcements. He believes that the failure to include Michael Ring and Dara Calleary as Senior Ministers just adds political discrimination to the economic and social discrimination being experienced in this region for decades by successive governments.


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