The spread of Covid-19 would appear to have reduced significantly across the West of Ireland, with no new cases reported over the past 24 hours.

Mayo has not had any new confirmed cases for the past 11 days, and the number remains at 570.

In Galway, there are 483 confirmed cases, with 338 in Roscommon, 128 in Sligo and 84 in Leitrim.

In its daily briefing, the Department of Health confirmed yesterday evening that a further 5 people had died of the virus, while 19 cases were confirmed over the past 24 hours bringing the country's total to 25,231.

Almost half of the confirmed cases are in Co Dublin.

People in Dublin and Sligo are expected to be the first in the country to give blood samples as part of a new coronavirus antibody study.

It's expected to take place this month, as health officials try to measure the percentage of the population that's been infected with the virus.

According to the Irish Independent, Dublin was chosen because it's suffered the highest number of infections in the country, while Sligo has recorded just 128 cases.


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