Night-time restrictions are being put in place on the Castlerea water supply in Co Roscommon from tonight, while Irish Water says it's increasingly likely that a hosepipe ban will have to be put in place following drought conditions, and increased demand on water supplies.

In Castlerea, water supplies are very low and night-time restrictions are being put in place from 9pm to 8am for the foreseeable future, which will leave some consumers with no water, and other with low water pressure.

The increased domestic demand for water, and an increase in commercial demand as businesses are reopening, has been exacerbated by the warm weather.

Irish Water says that, of 900 drinking water schemes nationally, 16 are now in drought and 38 are at risk of drought.

If the current trend continues, a Water Conservation Order, or hosepipe ban, may have to be imposed.

Irish Water is again appealing to all customers to conserve water for essential use - saying the levels of demand nationally cannot be accommodated and run the risk of households not having an adequate supply of water for essential hand-washing hygiene during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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