A number of nursing homes across the county insist the report of deaths due to confirmed or suspected COVID 19, reported on Midwest news today, are incorrect.

The numbers from a confidential HSE report, were published in today’s Irish Times.

The Pilgrims Rest in Westport, Claremount Nursing Home in Claremorris and Ballinamore House Nursing Home in Kiltimagh have all contacted the newsroom this afternoon and have clearly stated  that the number of deaths related to confirmed or suspected Covid 19 cases in their facilities reported, were inaccurate.

The figures were obtained from a report in today’s (Thurs) Irish Times , where the paper stated they received the numbers nationally from a confidential HSE compilation.

The published figures contained both confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19 and related deaths, in 167 nursing homes and residential care facilities around the country.

The Manager of Claremount Nursing Home in Claremorris has categorically refuted the figure published in the Irish Times and reported on our lunchtime news.

In a statement to Midwest News this afternoon the owner of Ballinamore House Nursing Home in Kiltimagh said “it is an erroneous view that a resident at their home died with Covid19”. The facility owned by Raicam Holdings, state that there has been no death from Covid 19 at the centre. The owner added “our centre (Ballinamore Nursing Home, Kiltimagh) is free from Covid 19”.

The Pilgrims Rest facility in Westport says the figures published in respect of Covid-19 confirmed or suspected deaths in its facility are “incorrect and untrue”.

 Midwest Radio apologises for any upset that the report caused to the owners, staff and residents at the nursing homes.

Radio Station Manager Tommy Marren said on Thursday’s Evening Edition that these facilities, or any other nursing home cited in the report that dispute the figures, are very welcome to contact Midwest radio Current Affairs or News departments and a right of reply will be available.


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