The transformation of Lissadell House in Co Sligo into a major music venue will provide a boost to the hospitality sector across the region in the wake of Covid-19.

That's according to Constance Cassidy and Constance Walsh of Lissadell House, who revealed to Midwest News that Sligo Council are 'very favourably disposed towards' the plans.

Vicar Street owner Harry Crosbie and promoter Peter Aiken have agreed to stage up to 12 concerts a year, in the former home of 1916 revolutionary Constance Markievicz, for the next five years.

Leonard Cohen famously played in Lissadell twice in 2010 and Sligo sensation Westlife also performed at the venue in the same year.

Constance Cassidy and Constance Walsh told Midwest News that they expect hotels across the region to be fully booked should gigs start at the venue.


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