A Westport man was instrumental in the development of a coating effective at treating coronavirus on surfaces.

A Global testing company confirmed that surface-coating technology developed by Irish company Kastus is effective against coronavirus.

The biomedical company have praised their Chief Technology Officer, Westport native Dr James Kennedy, for his role in pioneering the antimicrobial treatment, for the use of coating glass and ceramics.

The treatment can be used on everything from smartphones to ceramic floor tiles and had previously been proven to have a 99.99 per cent kill rate against harmful bacteria and fungi.

 “This gives our customers and commercial partners a real unique selling point in that they are bringing out products that can help save people’s lives,” said the company’s chief executive John Browne.

“It should also mean that businesses that are reopening following the lifting of restrictions will be better prepared to ensure public safety.”

The company believes that this is a game changer and for the many industry clients partnering with Kastus, they are delighted to play their part in tackling the global pandemic.


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