Farmers received up to 123 million euro in social-welfare payments last year.

Over 9,100 people were paid the money under the Farm Assist or Rural Social Schemes.     

Farm Assist is a means-tested payment for low-income farmers, paid by the Department of Social Protection.

The maximum weekly rate is 203 euro.

Last year, 5,971 farmers across the country received the payment - coming to nearly 69 million euro.

The highest amount of farmers were in Donegal, at 1,045, followed by Mayo, Galway, Kerry, Cork and Monaghan.

The Rural Social Scheme is a different social-welfare payment made to farmers and fishermen. Its minimum weekly amount is 225.50.

Last year, 3,169 fishermen and farmers got this payment, totalling nearly 55 million euro.

The highest amounts were in Mayo and Galway.

The total amounts across the two schemes are almost identical to the previous year.


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