All funeral services for coronavirus victims should be postponed and the deceased brought straight to the crematorium or cemetery for committal, according to recommendations from the Irish Association of Funeral Directors issued on Monday.

That’s according to a story in today’s Irish Times. It also advised that transport for families of the deceased, “eg limousines and saloons”, should not be provided and that funeral instructions should be given to undertakers by bereaved families “over the phone only”.

Relatives of the deceased “should not be permitted to attend the funeral director’s offices or funeral homes”, it added.

Public gatherings “such as a church services, gatherings at funeral homes, residences, crematorium chapels etc should not take place,” it said.

A spokesman said the association had tried on a number of occasions to seek guidance from the HSE and the Department of Health on coronavirus “mortality procedures”.

He claimed this was not forthcoming, so it was decided to issue protocols to members to be followed in the event of arranging a funeral for someone who has died from coronavirus, also known as Covid-19.

“These protocols are to ensure that infection does not spread from the deceased or from their close family and friends who may be infected from contact with the deceased or each other,” it said.



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