With 33 cases of Covid 19 are confirmed across the island of Ireland, a new Cabinet committee will meet today to discuss the coronavirus outbreak.

Two new cases were confirmed in the Republic last night, bringing the total number here to 21.Five new cases have been identified in the North, bringing the total number to 12.

It comes as calls are growing for the Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade to be cancelled together with parades right across the country.

Dr Sarah Doyle from the HSE says all these decisions are under review.

The Health Minister says a decision on St Patrick's Day parades will be made in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Irish Rural Link's calling for the HSE and Department of Health to issue a directive for community and voluntary groups on Covid-19.

The group says it would be helpful to have guidance around its services during this outbreak. 

It provides vital services to people in the high risk category - those over 65 and with an underlying health condition.  



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