We're into the second last day of canvassing in the general election, with candidates and parties making their final pitches to voters.

It's the last full day before the broadcast moratorium takes effect tomorrow.

The party leaders are continuing to press the flesh across the country - FG leader Leo Varadker is in Carlow, where his party is fighting to keep two seats in Carlow/Kilkenny,  Micheál Martin is campaigning in Cork as he tries to shore up Fianna Fáil's support in Munster, and Mary Lou McDonald will continue to push Sinn Fein's message after a bruising two days for her party.

None of the main party leaders have visited the Mayo constituency as part of this election campaign.

With the finish line in sight, candidates across the country are trying to secure those last few number 1 votes that could make all the difference.



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