The Coast Guard saved 378 lives this year.

In its end of year statement, the organisation's also warning of the dangers of relying on mobile phones when at sea.

A total of 2,487 incidents were managed over the past 12 months by the Coast Guards three rescue co-ordination centres at Malin Head, Valentia Island and Dublin.

378 people were saved from incidents which posed a threat to their lives.

Over 770 missions were flown by Coast Guard helicopters, which included inland searches for missing persons in support of Gardaí and Mountain Rescue Teams.

In it's core new year message, the Coast Guard is highlighting the importance of wearing a fully serviced life jacket or personal flotation device when taking part in any boating activity.

The organisation's also warning about the use of mobile phones at sea, warning they shouldn't be considered suitable, as coverage is limited and unreliable.


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