A proper subsidy of 200 euro per cow is the only way that farmers are going to survive in the north west according to Sligo based Fianna Fail deputy Eamon Scanlon.

He says his party is calling for this level of subsidy per cow and in addition he says the REPS scheme needs to be re-introduced if family farms are to survive.

Speaking in the Dáil during this week’s debate on the beef crisis, deputy Scanlon called on the government to declare a “crisis in agriculture”.

He says there are now thousands of cattle that need to slaughtered,and the longer the farmer is forced to wait, reduces further the price he will secure. In addition he says if there is a no deal Brexit, than the price per kilo that the farmer will get from the factory will fall further.

He again called for the reconvening of talks among all the relevant parties as he says this dispute needs to be resolved with urgency now.


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