A number of meat processing plants have stopped operating and started laying off staff because of the ongoing beef protests.

The protests are continuing at some sites across the country, despite a number of High Court injunctions being in place.

Meat Industry Ireland says the ongoing protests have led some processing plants to lay-off staff, and warns more jobs could be lost if the blockades continue.

It also says the sector as a whole is being damaged, with customers of these plants being forced to get their fresh beef from other countries.

Individual farmers protesting outside Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis today are appealing to management at the plant to come out and talk to them, they claim that at the company’s sister plant in Rathdowney  - such exchanges are happening today.

Meat Industry Ireland says protests is the last thing the industry needs ahead of a potential no deal Brexit - and is calling on the protesters to stop protesting immediately.

The Oireachtas Agriculture committee may meet next week to discuss the ongoing beef dispute.

Chair of the Committee Pat Deering says they are considering the possibility of meeting next Wednesday.

He has asked members to submit their proposals for addressing the issues by close of business today.


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