Motorists are being advised that if you break the red lights on the N60 on the entrance to Balla, where extensive road works are underway, you could end up with a traffic ticket and face a fine.

Gardai in Castlebar have taken additional measures to ensure that motorists stop behind the red light and wait, because not doing so is putting workers on the road and other drivers at risk.

Garda Superintendent Kevin Gatley says they have had to take additional measures because of the increasing number of reports from road workers and local residents, of drivers ignoring the temporary traffic lights in place.

As the new school year gets underway, an increased volume of traffic can be expected along this stretch of road, and the advice for road users is to give yourself an extra few minutes if the lights outside Balla are along your route.

Superintendent Gatley told Midwest News that the gardai don’t want to issue fines and tickets, but rather hope that driver attitudes would change and respect the safety measures in place.


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