The Beef Plan Movement says the Minister for Agriculture has failed to deliver during beef talks. The group has rejected the deal put forward last week following lengthy discussions.

Protests have resumed at a number of meat processing plants since yesterday, but they're not endorsed by any farming representative bodies.

A range of measures were agreed following discussions between farmers, industry and Minister Michael Creed.

However, farmers were unhappy that the beef prices were not up for discussion during negotiations.

The Beef Plan Movement says the proposals don't go far enough to deal with the real price controlling measures that factories and retailers place upon farmers.

In a statement to Midwest News today Meat Industry Ireland (MII) says it’s is very disappointing that protests have resumed at a small number of beef processing sites around the country since yesterday afternoon.

Adding that significant efforts have been made in talks between processors and farm organisations over the last fortnight; progress was made on a number of issues raised by farm representatives as well as agreement for ongoing work on several other areas which, if allowed to conclude, should be positive for beef producers. Protests should not pre-empt the outcomes of this work and neither should they undermine it.

Obviously beef price remains a major talking point since the conclusions of the beef talks last week but beef price was not and could not be discussed during these talks. Furthermore, price is determined by conditions in the market at present which are acknowledged by all as being extremely challenging.

Midwest News has contacted members of The Beef Plan Movement in Mayo and Sligo today for comment and we are awaiting a response.



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