The control of the beef sector is in the hands of too few and needs more competition – that’s the view of Supermac’s head, Pat McDonagh.

As reported by the Irish Independent, Galway man Pat McDonagh, whose restaurant chain buys around 30,000 tonnes of Irish meat every week, said there are too few in charge of the beef sector.

Talks between farming organisations and the meat factories are set to resume on Monday and Mr McDonagh called on farmers to get more control of their destiny.

Some factories have cut the price offered to €3.45 per killogramme, with farmers saying they need at least €4 to break even.

The Supermac’s head said current beef prices are not all about Brexit or sterling weakness, but about factories’ margins.

The continuing talks between the farming organisations and meat processors come after the Beef Plan Movement called off a two-week protest outside meat factories, including Dawn Meats Ballyhaunis.

The Beef Plan Movement has called for a ‘fair share of the retail margin.’


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