The HSE is taking its time in coming back with answers on its plans for a full time GP service in Lahardane. That’s according to Mayo Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin.

The Senator is seeking clarification following a packed public meeting that took place on the issue last week.

There is a now campaign underway to secure a full time GP position and a local dispensary in the village of Lahardane, to ensure that the community will continue to have access to a local GP.

Lahardane had a doctor’s surgery and a full time GP for many years, but the GP retired last year, the doctor’s surgery is now in private ownership, and while a locum doctor has been providing limited cover on a temporary basis, the community does not feel it is adequate in terms of demand.

Senator Mulherin told Midwest News today that she has now spoken to Minister Simon Harrios on the issue in an effort to speed up the process and to get answers for the local community.


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