Over 2,400 women in Galway are waiting for an outpatient appointment to see a gynaecologist - while nationally at the end of May, there were 29,152 women waiting, a 4.4 percent increase compared to the same time last year.

According to figures from the National Treatment Purchase Fund, over 5-thousand women are waiting a year or more to be seen by gynaecologist.

In this region, the number of women waiting for an outpatient appointment is 289 at Mayo University Hospital, 1,882 at Galway University Hospital and 528 at Portiuncla in Ballinasloe, and 864 at Sligo University Hospital.

A new video series by leading Irish hospitals consultants was launched on social media today, discussing the impact of long waiting times on their patients.

The videos will be rolled out over the coming weeks on the Irish Hospital Consultant Association's twitter account and website.


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