Inland Fisheries Ireland is appealing to anglers and the general public to report the presence of any Pacific pink salmon in Irish rivers systems over the coming months.

They're concerned that the presence of pink salmon in Irish rivers could negatively impact on some of Ireland's native species - such as Atlantic salmon and sea trout.


Pink salmon were very rare in Irish waters until 2017, when the non-native species unexpectedly appeared in unprecedented numbers in multiple river systems in the west, northwest and south-west of the country.

In the past week, pink salmon have been reported returning to rivers further south in Norway than anticipated, which increases the likelihood of their reappearance in Irish rivers this year.

Also known as humpback salmon, pink salmon a native to rivers in the northern Pacific Ocean and nearby regions of the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean.

Inland Fisheries Ireland says the potential presence of pink salmon in Irish rivers again is of concern to them, as its presence in large numbers may negatively impact on some of Ireland's native species - such as Atlantic salmon and sea trout - as well as other fish species and their associated ecosystems.

Pink salmon are a blue-green colour on the back, with silver sides and a white underbelly with large black oval spots on the tail and very small scales.

Anglers are asked to report any catches of pink salmon to Inland Fisheries 24-hour hotline number 1890 34 74 24.

Anyone who catches a pink salmon is asked to keep the fish, and not release it back into the water - record the date and location as well as the length and weight of the fish, tag the fish and present it to Inland Fisheries Ireland - and a new tag will be issued to replace the tag used, and take a photo of the fish.

Inland Fisheries will than arrange collection of the pink salmon for further examination, which will help establish the abundance and extent of the species in Irish waters.




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