The Government will sign off on its Climate Action Plan at a special cabinet meeting this morning.

It contains targets across every Government department to reduce emissions and meet climate change commitments.

Richard Bruton's new document is modeled on the Action Plan for Jobs he managed to boost employment after the recession - with strict targets, monthly progress reports and extra oversight from the Department of the Taoiseach.

The Climate Action Plan aims to push Ireland to reach its 2030 targets, and to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

It will put targets in place for all government departments and bodies and set a roadmap for areas like transport, agriculture and housing.

Carbon taxes will be a key part of this plan - with the levy to rise to 80 euro per tonne by 2030.

It will also re-emphasize plans to have 800,000 electric cars on the road by the end of the next decade - as well as setting targets for home retrofitting and renewable energy.

Other initiatives will include piloting remote working for staff in local authorities.

While this plan has been developed by the Department for Climate Action and the Environment it has input from every sector of the government, and sets targets for them all to meet.

Ministers will sign off on it at a specially convened cabinet meeting this morning.