As polls close in less than three hours time, Turnout in the local and European elections is mixed across the country.

Some polling stations are reporting higher turnout than last time around, with many others much lower.

In Dublin turnout has been slow for much of the day with many people expecting the usual evening rush of votes.

Galway has seen a turnout across the county of about 36 per cent so far.            

Mayo is another county ahead of the National curve between 30 and 34 per cent.

The vote before noon campaign in Louisburgh has brought out big numbers with the latest voter turnout at 58%.

Elsewhere across the country some counties are reporting turnout in the low teens on the back of a lacklustre campaign.

People are voting on the local and European elections

But also a referendum on divorce and plebiscites on directly elected mayors in Cork, Limerick and Waterford.

The ballot boxes will stay open until 10pm this evening.


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