The future of the Mayo Power plant in Killala will come under the spotlight next Tuesday evening, as the Energy Regulator has agreed to come before the Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate Change and the Environment to answer questions on the matter.

The Energy Regulator recently issued a Certificate of High Efficiency of 18% to the promoters of the project - a significant change from the 100% rating originally issued by the regulator.

This puts the future viability of the Killala plant in question, according to Mayo FG Senator Michelle Mulherin, who asked that the regulator be brought before the Oireachtas Committee to answer a number of questions in relation to the high-efficiency combined heat and power plant.

The project has a price tag of €225 million , of which €95 m has already been invested.

Senator Mulherin says this power plant is very important, not just for Mayo, but nationally in terms of meeting our targets on renewable energy.

Senator Mulherin says she's now been informed that the Energy Regulator has agreed to appear before the Oireachtas Committee next Tuesday evening, 2nd April.


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