A mini-boat launched off Newfoundland on Canada's east coast was found on Keel Beach in Achill yesterday, after being at sea for 103 days.

The School of Ocean Technology at the Marine Institute in Newfoundland challenged Grade 8 students to create a 90-second video on the theme  "How Oceans Affect Climate Change".

The winning students from Frank Roberts Junior High got to spend a day at the Marine Institute, where they personalised a mini-boat, and filled it with letters and pictures before setting sail across the Atlantic.

The mini-boat, called the Raven Kaster, was found by Achill fisherman Darren Kilbane on Keel beach yesterday, and is currently available to see in the Achill Tourism Information Office.

Séan Molloy of Achill Tourism contacted the Canadian authorities, who now want to partner with Colaiste Pobal Acla in Achill.

The mini-boat will be handed over to the students of the Achill school once they return from mid-term break.








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