An investigation into the conduct of a group of men who carried out an eviction outside Strokestown is underway by the Private Security Authority (PSA).

According to today’s Irish Times it means the identity of the men, the company they work for and circumstances in which they were recruited will likely become public knowledge. KBC bank, who the men were working for, is also likely be asked to aid the inquiry.

The investigation by the authority, which has the power to bring people before the courts to face charges, has been under way since last weekend.

The McGann family were evicted from their home in Falsk, Strokestown  last Wednesday week. In the early hours of last Sunday the property was stormed by a gang who beat the security guards, burned their vans and cars and forced them out of the house.

The authority’s inquiry is focussed on the men’s activities in the days after the eviction, rather than during the eviction itself.

In reply to queries from The Irish Times, the authority said: “Following events in Roscommon on Sunday, December 16th, the PSA commenced an investigation into the provision of security services at Falsk. The PSA will not be providing any further information in relation to this matter while its investigation is ongoing.”

The eviction came on foot of a High Court order. The execution of such orders is not deemed to be security work, meaning registered security guards are not required and evictions do not come under the authority’s remit.

However, the inquiry will seek to establish if the group was providing security services at the property in the days after the eviction.


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