• 143,000 Covid-19 vaccinations have been administered in the Republic.

    That number was reached last night, and is slightly ahead of the target of 140,000.

    The head of the HSE Paul Reid says there are going to be 'significant bumps' in the rollout of the Covid vaccine.

    There are concerns about the delivery of the AstraZeneca jab to Ireland, which could be significantly below the levels planned.

    Mr Reid said this evening that challenges with the vaccine are going to continue.

  • Frontline healthcare staff have been experiencing long delays at Mayo University Hospital over the past two days when they arrive to receive their Covid 19 vaccines.

    Waiting times of between 90 minutes and 2 hours standing in a line with others –all waiting to receive their jabs have been reported.

    In response to questions from Midwest News on the long waiting times and queues, the Saolta Hospital group has this evening issued a statement saying

    Mayo University Hospital is currently administering the Covid-19 vaccine to frontline healthcare workers from the hospital, Community Healthcare West and other healthcare staff.

    The vaccine clinic is very busy administering up to 200 vaccines per day and every effort is made to minimise any delays. Staff are advised in advance to register their details on the online covid vaccine portal before attending the hospital for their vaccine appointment and this helps to speed up the flow of people through the clinic. We request that staff attending for their vaccine arrive at the time allocated or wait in their car if they arrive early.


    Just over 2.1 million covid 19 vaccines have been delivered to Ireland up to and including last Sunday.

    As of Monday more than 1.6 million doses had been administered.

    The Department of Health says 30 per cent of the population aged 16 and older have had at least one dose of the jab.




  • In response to a question from Midwest News yesterday on whether any relatives of staff at Mayo University Hospital received Covid19 vaccinations, Saolta, the group responsible for hospitals in this region, states it is not aware of and has no record of any vaccinations administered to hospital staff other than to the priority list.

    It goes on to say, the COVID-19 vaccination programme for hospital staff commenced in Mayo University Hospital on Wednesday 06 January.  In the first instance the vaccine was offered to hospital staff directly providing care to confirmed and suspect COVID-19 cases including ICU, the Emergency Department, the Covid Assessment Unit and the Covid wards. This includes support staff, porters and health and social care professionals along with clerical staff working in these areas also. Last week the vaccination programme was extended to include staff from the Community Healthcare West; the prioritisation of these staff was decided by Community Healthcare West.

    By the end of last week the hospital had administered over 860 vaccines. Vaccine clinics will continue to be scheduled according to the availability of the vaccine and all staff in the hospital will be offered the vaccine.  


  • The government’s three week window to have all over 85 year olds in the community receive their first Covid 19 vaccination is on track and will be achieved, according to Mayo Fianna Fail deputy Dara Calleary.

    Midwest News is aware of many over 85 year olds in this region that have been waiting by the phone since Monday of this week, for a call from their GP, giving them a time for their vaccination, but so far that call has not come.

    We are also aware of many GPs in the region who say they can’t make that call, because they have not, as yet, secured the vaccines.

    Deputy Calleary says he has received many concerned calls from both GPs and over 85 year olds over the past number of days awaiting the rollout process,  and he spoke with HSE West Management yesterday evening and is now confident that the target of vaccinating all over 85’s in the community over the promised three week period will be met, and the over 85s will be getting calls from their GPs by the end of this week or early next week.

    Midwest News Editor Teresa O'Malley asked deputy Calleary why the rollout of the vaccine to the over 85s in this region appears, as yet, not to be happening for many...





     Over 250 thousand COVID-19 vaccine doses are expected to be administered this week.

    Starting from today, over 50s who registered on the online portal will be given their first dose.

    Over 1.8million doses have been administered to date, which is expected to pass 2 million this week.



  • A government TD has warned an indefinite lockdown is on the cards unless Ireland can secure more doses of vaccine.

    Sligo/Leitrin TD Marc MacSharry has urged his government colleagues to break with the EU purchase system and try to get more doses directly from the companies involved.

    Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has said the government plans to offer everyone a vaccine by September.

    But his party colleague Marc MacSharry doesn't think that can work on the current number of doses we have secured.

  • Midwest News is aware of a number of GP surgeries across the region that failed to receive their promised delivery of Covid 19 vaccines yesterday.

    This left many very disappointed having looked forward to receiving their first Covid 19 jab.

    It also left the staff of many busy GP surgeries having to undertake the difficult and time consuming task of having to ring all their disappointed patients, that had been scheduled to receive the jab.

    There is no date available to many of these patients, as yet, to receive the vaccine, as the supply issue continues to be a problem and surgeries are now awaiting a new delivery date for the vaccines